Who We Are 

Wheatfield Grain Holding Company LLC is a grain elevator/trading company based

out of Wheatfield, Indiana. The company originates corn, soybeans, and wheat from local area producers and merchandises to processors to end up in food, fuel, and animal feed. We have 5,500,000+ bushels of state licensed storage capacity throughout our locations.   

Brief History 

Wheatfield Grain Holding Company began operations in August of 2006 with the purchase of an existing grain elevator in Wheatfield, Indiana. Over the years, through steady and consistent growth, we have grown from that one location in Wheatfield, IN to 5 geographic locations between northwest Indiana and Illinois. Currently Wheatfield Grain has facilities in Wheatfield, Rensselaer, Morocco, and Fair Oaks, Indiana as well as a location in Crescent City, Illinois

We are a privately held company. We have the ability to work the truck and rail market from the Illinois River to the Delaware Ports. Both Wheatfield and Rensselaer are located next to mainline Class I railroads with Wheatfield being serviced by the Norfolk Southern Railroad and Rensselaer by CSX railroad. Our Crescent City facility is located on the short line railroad TP&W, a division of Rail America.